It is paramount that you, as the client, find the right attorney that you can work with in a team effort. A premium should be placed on finding a lawyer who takes into consideration your particular needs. In choosing such an attorney, you should consider the following:
  1. Make a realistic decision after interviewing at least two or more attorneys as to who you will trust to handle your legal needs. Make your hiring decision only after determining which attorney best suits your specific situation.

  2. Refrain from considering attorneys who make unrealistic assurances or promises. Remember that litigation almost always costs more than first anticipated, and usually takes longer than expected.

  3. Do not assume that everything you expect or your attorney anticipates to occur will transpire according to plan; in other words, expect that the unexpected can and will occur, including such variables as the judge assigned to your case and witness(es) whom you expect will testify in a certain manner.

  4. Understand that under the American rule, each side pays their own attorney fees, unless a statute or court rule mandates otherwise.

  5. Beware of attorneys who guarantee a certain outcome.

  6. Always obtain for your protection a written fee agreement that should be carefully read and fully understood before signing on with any attorney.

  7. Make certain that you obtain a copy of all work performed so that you may review same and where there are questions or concerns they can be addressed in a timely manner with your attorney.

  8. Communication between you and your attorney is imperative if you are to have an opportunity in obtaining a workable result.

If your approach coincides with our approach and focus, we suggest that you consider engaging our team in providing the insight, skill, and strategy necessary to meet your needs and requirements.